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Welcome to the Greensboro I-Corps

A LaunchUNCG Initiative

Through a competitive evaluation process UNCG & NCAT have been awarded a 5-year, $500,000 grant to become established as an I-Corps Site.

Through the new Greensboro I-Corps program students, faculty and alumni of UNCG and NCAT would be eligible to receive up to $5000 in mini grant funding to explore if their idea or innovation has the potential to become a scalable business.

UNCG & NCAT join a nationwide innovation network of new and existing I-Corps sites.

Success Stories

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Onyx Ocean Technologies

Cohort 2 – Fa’Lon Thomas

Fa’Lon Thomas is the founder of Onyx Ocean Technologies a digital agency that specializes in mobile app development, digital marketing, custom software, and website design. Onyx Ocean serves both universities and businesses throughout the United States.

Her company has recently created a healthcare mobile application for researchers at Duke University. This app helps fathers better communicate with their sons about sexual health and STD’s. She is currently exploring the option of applying for SBIR funding in partnership with the university to expand the reach of the application. 

When asked about her experience with I-Corps, she had this to say: “I am so grateful to have been apart of I-corps. They gave me the opportunity to get out and speak to people in my industry in an intentional way. Having a support system available every week and resources to expand my research was invaluable. I was also able to attend conferences to meet and network with people in my field thanks to the grant. They helped me make connections that I would not have had otherwise.”

Thanks I-Corps!


Fani Bath

Cohort 4 –  Mandy Marchitello

I feel so lucky to have discovered I-Corps at my alma mater, The University of NC at Greensboro.

Prior to joining I-Corps, I had been trying to develop my toilet hygiene product for several years, without a clear vision as to which customer group it would best serve. I also lacked a support network holding me accountable for ongoing product development.

I-Corps taught me the importance of casting a wide net to potential customer segments, and interviewing those segments to gain a concise understanding of their needs. 

With presentations due each week and a generous sum of grant money awaiting at the program’s conclusion, I was driven to complete all required tasks on deadline. 

I am forever grateful to the program for funding my introduction video (FaniBath @ YouTube). This video will be the first of many that I hope to share with the world, proclaiming the value of this amazing: 1) eco-friendly 2) budget friendly and 3) skin friendly toilet hygiene product.

Thank you so much, I-Corps!

Variant Literature

Cohort 7 – Tyler Puffpaff

As a non-traditional student at UNCG I was focused on getting a degree that would further me on my current career path. However, with more time on my hands and the beyond amazing faculty/staff that are truly there for you, I found myself reevaluating what it was that I was truly passionate about: literature. 

After consulting with LaunchUNCG Director Justin Streuli, it seemed like the NSF I-Corps program would be a good fit for me that could yield a company, achieving what I was passionate about and on a bigger scale. I found a team of like-minded people who would together see the inception of Variant Literature Inc.

Today, about 1 million books get published annually in the US, but this is only a small fraction of the authors

Variant Literature Inc. is working on bridging this gap, between the millions going unpublished, by providing a space that may make the independent author get noticed. We are working with our local community and are a proud partner of the North Carolina Writers’ Network.


  • Cohort 11 Schedule 

  • Kickoff Meeting:    Friday  1/29  (2-5pm)
    2nd Meeting:          Friday  2/5    (2-5pm) 
    3rd Meeting:           Friday  2/12  (2-5pm) 
    4th Meeting:           Friday  2/19  (2-5pm)
    5th Final Meeting: Friday 3/5 (2-5pm)   |   336.256.8649   |   |   1613 MHRA Building   |   Office of Research & Engagement
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